Our team

Founding and Organizing Body
Fabienne Colas Foundation

Overall Organization and Coordination
Zaza Production

Executive Committee
Fabienne Colas, President, Founder and General Manager
Réal Barnabé, Vice President,
Emile Castonguay, Treasurer and Operations Director

Programming Team
Emile Castonguay, Programming Director
Joyce Fuerza, Programming Coordinator
Imanol Arias, Assistant Programmer

Communications & Sponsorship
Fabienne Colas, Communications & Funding Director
Sarah Vulcain, Communications Coordinator
Alexe Louisa, Promotions & Box-Office Coordinator
Imanol Arias, Partnerships & Theatre Coordinator
Joy Bullen, Sponsorship Coordinator
Daniela Kelloway, Head Publicist (ClutchPR)
Amy Saunders, Publicist (ClutchPR)
Karlene Nation, Community relations Coordinator

Coordination and Logistics Team
Joyce Fuerza, Head Coordinator
Sarah Vulcain, Overall Logistics Coordinator
Alexe Louisa, Ground Coordinator
Dominique Argant, Guests Coordinator
Frederica Black, Logistics & Volunteers Coordinator
Julie Christian, Logistics Advisor
Richard Bonnick, Guests Logistic Facilitator
Sharon Lovelace, Guests Logistic Facilitator

Website, Graphic Design & Editing
Zaza Production:
David Fortuné, Webmaster
Geraldine Entiope, Graphic Designer
Camilo Sorto-Cazaux, Trailers & Video Ads
Rose Kivellote, Photographer

Special Thanks to:
Thank you to all our generous volunteers!

The entire team at Global News (Toronto & Montreal) and TD Bank