February 14 - 19, 2024

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JULIUS is a broken, down-­‐on-­‐his-­‐luck ex-­‐boxer, in search of redemption. MUNACHI is a pretty, bubbly young girl with a dark secret. Their chance meeting on a park bench in Oxford Gardens one summer afternoon sets in motion an unlikely friendship and an uplifting journey through their respective fears; and through hope, faith and love; to a stoic acceptance of whatever life throws at them. Stars Ngoli Okafor, (2 time Golden Gloves, Heavyweight champion, top model and Hollywood Actor) Ngozi Thompson Igwebike, Savanah Roy and D Richy Obi-Emelonye.

Presented Films

By Obi Emelonye
Narrative Feature

By Oyaro Dancurf
Narrative Short