February 14 - 19, 2024

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In Africa, an important aspect of traditional education is based on teaching oral literature using folktales, riddles and proverbs which aim at moulding character and providing children with moral values like integrity, courage and solidarity. Storytelling was the way history was transferred, how life lessons were taught and learned and how questions were answered. The Griot is all this and much more. Set in Abeokuta and the beautiful small town of Wasinmi, located in Ogun state, the film is rooted in Africanism, music and folklore. It features Lakunle, an extremely shy storyteller who is only comfortable telling his amazing stories to his best friend, Sanmi and is in love with the fairest maiden in the land, Tiwa.(who is also a songbird). On the other hand, Sanmi is an opportunist who wants Tiwa for himself and takes Lakunle’s stories as his, telling them in the most beautiful and compelling way to the surprise of the King and neighboring villages. Now Sanmi has everything and Lakunle has only his timidity. Find out in this epic tale of love who prevails and the importance of the Griot in every growing community.

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By Adeoluwa Owu
Narrative Feature