February 12 - 17, 2025

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Live Performance Series ~ MelDubé

Performance 1: MelDubé
IG: @meldubemusic

An eclectic blend of natural Caribbean-inspired vibrations, soulful rhythms, and powerful vocals build the essence of Toronto-based independent artist Mel Dubé. Her sound is neo-soul and reggae influenced, with a melodic pop fusion. Trained in music theatre and jazz, Mel’s gift has been blessed by her Jamaican heritage and intrinsic love for music.

Performing as a background vocalist for reggae musicians (including J.C. Lodge, Lenn Hammond, Steele, and Richie Stephens) nurtured Mel Dubé to maintain her authenticity while grooming her vocal abilities and strengthening her desire to perform. Committed to learning the crafts of writing and producing her own materials, Mel was the recipient of a demo grant that provided the opportunity to produce her first single, “Bring It.” An independent artist, Mel also grew in her craft, releasing the single “Extra Side,” which was featured on the soundtrack of Music 311, a telephone system initiative managed by the City of Toronto. On-stage experience at the Redemption Toronto Reggae Fest, Caribana Lime, Toronto’s Centre Island, and at the international Exit Festival in Serbia (rated by the New York Times as one of the top ten world festival destinations) solidified her abilities and desire to share her music. Live appearances at the Atlantis Pavilion’s Pan Am Games celebration, G 98.7fm’s Island Fever Concert Series at Toronto’s Hard Rock Cafe, and Honey Jam in addition to features on City of Toronto-organized shows YYZ Live, Union Summer, and Play the Park make Mel Dubé an independent Toronto artist to watch!

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