February 14 - 19, 2024

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What does it take to become a voice-over actor? What skills are important to have and how does one break into the business? This panel will feature professional voice-over actors who will answer these questions and share their experiences in the field.

Moderator: Julia Paton - Actor, Director, Educator

Julia Paton (Actor/Director) is on Faculty at both Seneca College and Toronto Film School in their voice acting programs. She has performed in numerous TV and Radio commercials as well as lending her voice to audiobooks, cartoon pilots and toys. Her Voice Directing credits include webcasts, commercials, Radio Plays and Video Game pilots.


Andrew Lander: Voice Over Actor

Andrew Lander is an Atlanta-based voice actor who, unlike many in the industry, developed his craft in corporate America. Along with explainers and e-learning, Andrew can be heard on Pandora and Sirius XM voicing commercials for brands such as Disney Plus, Buffalo Wild Wings, LL Bean, and more!

George Washington III: Voice Over Actor

George has been a voice actor since 2003, and has done work that spans the voiceover world, including phone messaging, e-learning, cable promo, documentary narration, commercials, and videogames. He is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kesha Monk: Voice Over Actor

Kesha Monk has been wowing people with her voice for over 25 years. She has recorded projects for hundreds of global brands. She is currently the live announcer for the BET Soul Train Awards and recently made history as the 1st African American woman live announcer at the Tony Awards.

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