February 14 - 19, 2024

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LANDING THE ROLE (Encore Presentation)

Encore Presentation from MIBFF21.

Award-winning actress and acting coach Anik Mattern will be talking with renowned actress, producer & director Tonya Williams about her successful career. Tonya will share her insight into the process of landing the role, preparation, character development, and more. She will also talk about her experiences as a producer, director, Reelworld Screen Institute and AccessReelworld.ca

Interviewer: Anik Matern: Actress, Trainer & Acting Coach

Anik Matern has been acting professionally, teaching and coaching alongside her career for over 30 years. Lending her voice to numerous animation characters, as a series regular on two television series, she has equally been seen in feature films. Anik was Founder and Artistic Director of the award-winning (ACTRA, Community Builder award) for Dynamic Theater Factory (1998-2011). Presently founder of ImproGym (2016) she now trains online and is a busy private and on-set acting coach for actors of all ages.

Speaker: Tonya Williams: Actress, Producer & Director

Emmy nominated Tonya Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of Reelworld Screen Institute now in its 21st year, and AccessReelworld.ca, North America’s largest recruiting database for racially diverse talent. Through these organizations, she's been able to advocate and create more access and inclusion for Canadian Black, Indigenous, People of Colour in the screen-based production industries. She currently sits on Telefilm's Diversity & Inclusion Group, the Canadian Media Fund, Black Industry Leaders Group, Board of Directors for WOW Media, The Black Academy, and is one of the founders and a Board Member of the Black Screen Office. Tonya is based in Los Angeles.

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