February 12 - 17, 2025

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Sudan's Choice for the 2024 OSCARS

The film Goodbye Julia begins in July 2005, in the midst of the aftermath of the Sudanese war. MONA, an upper-middle-class retired singer from the North, accidentally hits a Southern child with her car and drives away. When the child’s father chases her on his motorbike, she calls her husband for help. As soon as she returns home, her husband shoots the chaser dead, not knowing Mona hit his son. Burdened by guilt and depression, Mona covertly searches for the victim’s family to offer some compensation. She finds his wife JULIA, a poor lady from the South, and her son Daniel, who is still alive. She offers her a job to work for her as a housemaid, and Julia moves in. Over the next five years, their relationship grows, that is until one day, Julia finds out the truth.

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By Mohamed Kordofani
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Feb 14, 2024 - 7:30PM
Isabel Bader Theatre