February 12 - 17, 2025

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Continuity is key to making a movie work. There is nothing worse than watching a film and finding mistakes: different costumes, color changes, things out of place. These are just a few things a Script Supervisor must be attentive to while working on set.

The Script Supervisor is the head of a department - a department of one - that supports every single member of the crew during pre-production, on-set and during the editing process. The Script Supervisor is not just a technical member of the team. The role is also responsible for the emotional and dramatic continuity of the piece, supporting actors and directors in understanding where their characters are in the scope of the story in every single scene.

Although considered a highly important role in any film or tv crew, the industry is constantly in need of new people filling that role. Finding strong script supervisors is not easy, especially, because the role is also a path to directing, with many script supervisors jumping into the director’s chair. It’s a complex role that people interested in joining the industry should know more about.


Leandro Matos, Screenwriter

Leandro Matos is a Latino screenwriter and scripted development executive based in Toronto with over 150 hours of produced content for television and film. Besides his own work, he oversaw the development of a number of projects until their final release.

Leandro has written for big players in the industry such as 20th Century Studios, The Walt Disney Company and Disney Plus. His romantic comedy Love.com is available on Netflix worldwide and the Brazilian adaptation of Drunk History helped double the audience for Comedy Central. He has two shows coming out on Disney Plus in 2022 and 2023, and his next feature is scheduled to start production later this year.


Andi Grace, Script Supervisor

My name is Andi Grace and I am a script supervisor based in the Greater Toronto Area. At the end of 2022, I became a Script Supervisor Permittee in the Continuity Department of NABET 700-M UNIFOR. I am excited to see where my newfound career journey will take me!

Andrea Maxwell, Script Supervisor

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Andrea graduated from the University of Alabama with a BA Criminal Justice and Masters degree in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University. Andrea began her career as a Social Worker, working in both Canada and the US, with youth with behavior disorders and their families. But always loved film making. While attending TIFF in 2018, an actor friend suggested becoming a Script Supervisor.

After taking a few screenwriting courses, Andrea found her future mentor Daniela Saioni’s Script Supervising course in 2019. With Daniela’s mentorship, Andrea began working on commercials, short films and series.

Andrea continues to learn in this profession with regular check ins with Script Supervising legend Dawn Gilliam. Conversations with Dawn helps keep my eyes sharp and mind open.

Dawn Gilliam, Script Supervisor & Continuity Coordinator

Dawn Gilliam is a 30 year Script Supervisor that has worked on many iconic movies, television shows and commercials. She has a 10 year online course, The Art of Continuity, Filmmaking as a Script Supervisor. Dawn’s motto: "A closed mouth doesn't get fed”. Speak up for your dreams and aspirations.

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