February 12 - 17, 2025

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Music Performances: William Makuna Collective (Feat. David Richards and Kimya)

David Richards

Kimya Hypolite

Kimya Hypolite [pronounced ki-MYA HIPPO-lit] is a triple-threat performing artist from Toronto, Canada. She is a graduate of the world-renowned Bachelor of Music program at Humber College. Kimya was a dancer in the Caribbean Dance Theatre Company, and a Teacher/Choreographer at the Roots & Branches Children's and Youth Dance Program. As an actress, she has starred in lead roles in both the SummerWorks and Fringe Theatre Festivals. She is also on the full-time teaching staff at Malvern Music & Arts Academy, teaching Piano, Voice, and Dance. Kimya directs and sings lead vocals in her own band, “All of the Above" - a collective of musicians bringing together their diverse musical backgrounds to explore a palette of musical genres. These include R&B, Jazz, Pop, Afro-Caribbean, and Latin influences. Kimya’s soulful vocals and honest delivery tell a musical story with every song. She has performed at such venues as Roy Thompson Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Her talents extend to songwriting, music producing, and vocal arranging.

Troy Penny

Troy Penny is a young poet from Toronto. He is currently in his final year of Film School at Humber College and plans on pursuing his dream of being in the film industry as a screenwriter and director. Troy has had a passion for poetry since the young age of 12 years old. His greatest influence comes from hip hop culture and it can be heard in his poetic flows. He started performing his poetry publicly in 2017 and started competing in 2018. His poetry topics have covered police brutality, depression, homelessness, mental illness, and relationships. Troy enjoys tackling tough issues from various unique points of view. He believes that this gives him the ability to flex his creative muscles when he writes. His goal with any piece is to reach people on a deeper level and have listeners be challenged by his work.

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